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5 New Features Added to Improve the FotoIN Solution

Posted by FotoIN on May 26, 2014

We added even more functionality and a better user experience based on customer feedback.

The new release improves and simplifies your photo documentation and reporting with:

  1. Filing the photos and reports to any existing folder in customers storage repository

  2. Custom report capability

  3. Custom report header and footer

  4. Improved report user interface

  5. The ability to adjust photo quality



1. Filing photos and reports to any existing folder in customer’s storage repository

With FotoIN you automatically organize and maintain your own folder hierarchy, and every photo or report you capture is uploaded to the appropriate folder in your storage repository. This drastically simplifies user experience when searching and working with photos and reports. Photos and reports are easier to locate, and no additional work is needed since they are automatically filed into your existing folder structure.

2. Custom Report Capability

FotoIN offers flexible and configurable reports for every aspect of a project, leaving you completely in charge! Reports can be configured to match your needs, so you can view a project in a way that makes most sense for you. You can preview, email or upload reports, and now they can be configured to get uploaded according to your photo hierarchy and can be automatically filed into the same folders as your field photos.

3. Custom Report Headers and Footers

With the new version, you can define headers and footers in custom reports. Page header can include project info, project address, device, time and date specifics, etc. This further simplifies the final report and makes it clearer for reading and using.

4. Improved Report User Interface

End user experience is extremely important, so we continue to upgrade the user interface in custom reports together with the rest of the FotoIN solution. The goal is to continue to simplify and make the solution easier and faster to use.

5. Adjusting the Desired Photo Quality

Users can now change the image size according to their preferences. You simply go to the settings option, tap on “photo quality” and choose which image quality you prefer (you can save space if megapixels are not paramount). 

We continue to improve FotoIN Mobile Solution to make it even easier and simpler to use while at the same time increasing the quality and speed of filing, and configuration options to enable customers to adapt the solution to their existing workflows.

Update or download the new version of the app from Apple's App Store or Google's Play Store, try it out and continue to provide your feedback.

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