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6 Benefits From Using Mobile Technology On The Construction Site

Posted by FotoIN on August 14, 2014

Quality management is a vital process for any construction project as it includes overall planning, coordination and controlling a project from start to finish. It's main challenge is to solve for “time,” “money” and “safety” challenges. It is the project manager’s responsibility to ensure that the project is completed within the budget, in the given time and with quality and safety guaranteed.


Quality information and communication is almost impossible to achieve without mobile devices. Their ability to provide connectivity and speed up documenting and sharing of information among team members will lead to efficiency improvements and will have impact on all team members.

Quality Management made mobility on the construction site highly valued and necessary. 
Research by EMA conducted among 200 U.S. general contractors, electricians, plumbers and HVAC specialists show that contractors’ use of smartphones while on the job jumped 35% from last year, while the use of tablets rose nearly 54% over last year (overall, 22% of contractors are using tablets), with most contractors (68%) saying they use smartphones as part of their workday. At any given time, general contractors (out of all contractors) are the largest users of smartphones (82%) and tablets (30%), so it is clear that mobile technology is a great opportunity for overall improvements in construction.

The main goal of using mobile devices is to improve every field activity and achieve the following 6 major benefits:

  1. Mobility

  2. Real time information (management)

  3. Improved communication

  4. Improved workflow

  5. Increased productivity 

  6. Lower overall costs

The use of smartphones and tablets in general can eliminate lugging around unnecessary equipment and wasting time with it; it increases mobility and creates data that is much easier to manage. Using them allows project managers, clients and field and office teams to be on the move and have all the information in their pocket (on the go). Communication between field and office team is easier and faster, since sharing of information can be done instantly, and having access to real time information gives more value to the data itself.

With anytime / anywhere access and information that is captured and can be shared in real time, all team members can significantly increase their collaboration and improve overall workflow and productivity. In the end, overall costs are lowered (due to the above mobile device benefits) and construction firms become more efficient and their results more profitable.

“Smartphone and tablet use among contractors on the jobsite continues its dramatic rise, and marketers that are not focusing resources in this area are missing an important opportunity,” said John O’Hara, EMA partner and leader of EMA Contractors.

Maybe it is time for you to also go mobile and make your smart devices the most important tool on site!

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