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AECOM Tishman Utilizing FotoIN to Automate It's Field Photo Documentation Process

Posted by FotoIN Marketing Team on March 30, 2017

FotoIN Mobile Corporation (FotoIN) today announced that AECOM Tishman, one of the world’s leading builders, is utilizing FotoIN’s best-in-class business photo documentation solution to streamline and automate photo documentation. FotoIN saves users 75-percent of the time typically spent handling photos generated by project teams.


The FotoIN system provides the following benefits to users and project managers:

  • • Easy to capture photos with automated project assignation, naming, data capture, photo filing and organization in Oracle’s Primavera Unifier
  • • Easy to establish and manage geo-fences for project identification and geo-mapping
  • • Full configurability, including building own tags, report templates, and project permissions
  • • Central and shareable photo documentation management with FotoIN’s web admin console 
  • AECOM Tishman is currently employing the system on several of its project sites, including a large reconstruction and restoration project with over 1,000 subprojects.
With FotoIN, our field crew and supervisors save a lot of time and avoid filing errors by utilizing the automated and streamlined process," said Tom Walsh, assistant project manager, AECOM Tishman. "FotoIN makes it easy to comply with the project's photo documentation requirements, including ease of use in the field and direct automation to Oracle Primavera Unifier. We also appreciate FotoIN's excellent technical support team.

"FotoIN is designed as fully configurable and open, with our customers’ needs at the forefront, including the ability to handle an unlimited number of photos and users, any project size and any level of complexity. We have built a powerful system that shines brighter on big and multifaceted projects, and for large organizations in the Construction, Restoration and Engineering industry, where this problem grows exponentially with size, just like for AECOM Tishman,” said Sly Barisic, founder and Chief Executive Officer of FotoIN.

To learn more about how AECOM Tishman is currently using FotoIN, please access the case study by clicking here.

About FotoIN Mobile Corporation

FotoIN Mobile Corporation (FotoIN), the leading provider of business photo documentation solutions, provides customers with an end-to-end, best-in-class field photo documentation and reporting technology that is easy, actionable and open. Field users just snap and tag photos and reports, and FotoIN takes care of the rest, including automated filing to customers’ existing storage directly from the field and integration with the CRM solution. FotoIN delivers significant cost savings through reduced dispute resolution costs, and increased productivity and efficiency across the organization in field heavy industries including Restoration, Construction, Engineering and Property Management.  Used by AECOM Tishman, ATI Restoration and Regency Centers FotoIN has been recognized for its innovative solution by the Technology Association of Georgia. The mobile app is available for download in Apple's App Store and on Google Play.

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About AECOM Tishman

AECOM Tishman is one of the world’s leading builders, responsible for managing construction of high-profile projects such as the 1,776-foot-high One World Trade Center in New York City, the new Oceanwide Center in San Francisco and the Metropolis mega development in Downtown Los Angeles. AECOM Tishman has built more than 600 million square feet – from luxury residential buildings to complex mixed-use mega-developments, first-class hotels, top-rated hospitals, and the world’s most revered tall buildings, the AECOM Tishman legacy is one that is even stronger today as it continues to construct buildings that define city skylines and local neighborhoods.

More information on AECOM Tishman can be found at

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