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FotoIN Featured at AGC GA 3rd Annual Construction Pro's Conference

Posted by FotoIN Marketing Team on May 03, 2016


500 attendees representing general and specialty contractor firms, representatives from supplier and service provider companies comprise a significant portion of the participants. Also, all levels of employees will joined from jobsite labor to administrative and management professionals to company executives.2016 3rd Annual Construction Professionals Conference & Marketplace

Last Wednesday Sly Barisic, FotoIN's CEO and Founder, spoke at the 3rd Annual Construction Professionals Conference & Marketplace hosted by the Georgia chapter of the Associated General Contractors (AGC) about Photo Documentation as a Risk Management Tool in Construction, including:

  1. Importance of Risk Management in Construction

  2. Safety and Quality Risks and Considerations

  3. Photo Documentation as a Risk Management tool

  4. Operational Challenges in optimizing the process and

  5. Technology Solutions 

In a Trillion dollar industry majority of the projects spend at least 5% of budget on unexpected risk related costs, the U.S. insurance industry pays more than $5 billion annually to settle construction defect claims and the average injury cost is double the overall average. General contractors continue to look for ways to reduce and mitigate project risks and associated costs and in today's world of mobile and cloud technology, photo documentation is not only present but gaining traction. The technology sector has already taken note and FotoIN is leading the charge in automating the very manual, cumbersome and inefficient photo documentation process of yesterday.

industry associations like AGC are playing a key leadership role and continue to do a great job, in tandem with the membership, to rise awarness and coordinate efforts with technology providers to better serve the industry. Task and process automation, user experience simplification and cross compatibility of systems are key. 

You can find out more about AGC of GA here.

View the presentation slides here.

Photo Documentation for Risk Management Recording

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