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FotoIN is Now Available on Android

Posted by admin on March 29, 2013

We have learned from our early adopters that they don’t want to depend on one type of device. What everyone really wants is to be able to use any available technology out in the field on their own devices vs. company mandated devices. Since one of our mantras is to be platform agnostic we've stepped up and brought FotoIN to Android as quickly as possible.


After the release of our FotoIN Construction for Box version for the iPad in mid February we reorganized and reinforced our development team to be able to deliver the Android version as soon as possible. The team destroyed the challenge and from the end of March, FotoIN Basic is now available for download on the Google Play store for FREE.

Currently it is optimized for the use on tablet devices and development for the smartphones is in progress right now while I am writing this. The Android version is very similar to the iPad version, but there are some differences we made to make it a better fit, following the Android’s design principles.

Along with Android development we are developing the Property version of FotoIN for the iPad that should come out soon.


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