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Key Benefits of Automated Photo Documentation in Restoration

Posted by Sly on May 10, 2016


Photos are a huge asset in the Restoration business - everyone working in Restoration knows this. FotoIN has been working with many Restoration companies over the past few years and we’ve learned a lot about the importance of good photo documentation and about the process and how automation of the field photo documentation process can improve the top and bottom lines for Restoration companies.

Restoration Photo Documentation

Here are the key benefits of Automated Photo Documentation in Restoration from FotoIN's experience:

  1. Increase efficiency and productivity in the field:

    1. Pre/post work state of the site, including condition of assets/contents

    2. Visual verification of work completed by subs

  2. Speed up workflows, work turnaround and improve client satisfaction:

    1. Faster input for estimating and issue handling

    2. More collaboration and effective communication supported with visuals

    3. Less manual entry mistakes

  3. Reduce costs with visual dispute resolution:

    1. Disputes with clients,

    2. Disputes with subs,

    3. Warranty claims downstream

  4. Enable new revenue opportunities:

    1. With more photos there is a higher likelihood of identifying extra work or catching out of scope issues that need to be addressed

    2. Thermal images identify potentially non visible issues 

How to get there and what, if any, technology can help you and your company, and how to pick the right solution is a another challenge altogether. In today’s world of mobile apps and cloud sharing, it is extremely important to think through all the details:

    • Define objectives and needs well

    • Address all stakeholders’ needs, including:

      • Field technicians

      • Office admins

      • Project managers and

      • Executives

    • Consider easy to use, user centric

For more on the topic of Automated Photo Documentation in Restoration you can watch our webinar or read about how ATI Restoration automated their photo documentation process with easy to use Mobile app for the field and automated connections and workflows in the cloud for the office personnel.

Watch the Recording: Automated Photo Documentation in Restoration



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