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6 Benefits of Using Mobile Technology on Construction Sites in 2015

Posted by FotoIN on March 05, 2015

Construction professionals are facing difficult challenges to ensure that projects are completed within budget, on time, and with quality control and safety guaranteed.

Benefits of Mobile Technology on Construction Sites
The industry will grow by 9% to $612 billion in 2015 (Dodge Data & Analytics), but why are so many companies still using old school methods of documenting progress, as-built conditions, and inspections? 
According to the JBKnowledge Construction Technology Report for 2014, 72% of construction professionals use smartphones and 50.1% use tablets on the construction site. The use of smartphones and tablets eliminates lugging around unnecessary equipment, increases mobility, and makes capturing photos and data much easier. 

Here are 6 major benefits of using mobile technology to improve on-site activities:

  1. Mobility
  2. Real time information
  3. Improved management
  4. Searchable files
  5. Increased productivity
  6. Integration with existing systems

These benefits enable construction companies to accomplish basic business tasks with greater efficiency and lower costs. One of the leading blog writers for construction technology, ConAppGuru, asks construction companies:

What is more productive in today’s world?:

Option A: Printed set of plans, colored pins, digital camera, dial up connection and fax machine.

Option B: Tablet (iPad), Smartphone (iPhone), WIFI connection and large Monitor. 

With the construction industry increasing by 4% over 2014, the best move companies can make is to embrace mobile technology and the solutions available to streamline workflows. More companies should be seeking out mobile technology to improve project workflows from start to finish. Should you?

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