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FotoIN Expands Storage Repository Coverage with Egnyte Integration

Posted by Darija Curic on April 09, 2014

Solution brings simpler, faster, better and automated photo documentation capture and filing to comprehensive enterprise file-sharing platform.

Egnyte connects to FotoIN

Atlanta – April 9, 2014 – FotoIN Mobile Corporation, leading provider of a mobile and cloud based solution for photo documentation and filing, today announces it has integrated with enterprise file-sharing provider Egnyte to automatically file and organize customer photo documentation directly from the field into existing storage accounts.

FotoIN is a mobile software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution which enables a wide range of businesses, including construction, property management, real estate, and insurance, the ability to snap, tag and annotate photos, and automatically capture GPS, date, time, device, address, project information. FotoIN embeds captured field data into the photos and reports for easier filing, search and immediate access across an entire organization.  

Sly Barisic, Founder and CEO of FotoIN explains: "We continue to add storage repository connectors to FotoIN’s offering to keep driving the availability of simpler, better, faster and automated field photo documentation capture and filing to even more businesses. Now we directly connect the field and field workers’ smart devices to their central office and Egnyte’s comprehensive enterprise file-sharing platform for customers across industries with heavy field exposure, such as Construction, Property Management, Real Estate, Insurance and others, to easily access, share, collaborate and transfer large files, locally or in the cloud."

FotoIN enables customers to:

  • Eliminate the tedious, time-consuming and inconsistent process of taking, uploading, downloading, compressing and manually filing photos

  • Capture robust field photo documentation

  • Mitigate warranty and litigation risk 

It also provides custom photo-centric report capabilities for recording field conditions (i.e. as-built in construction, quality, safety, and home inspections, requests for information (RFI’s), progress, marketing  among other uses).

Partnering with Egnyte to Empower Users

Enterprises grapple with many challenges associated with file management. They need to embrace consumerization and empower users without losing control, while also respecting data gravity. The reality is that not all files belong in the cloud. Egnyte provides a choice of deployment models, allowing files to be stored and shared on-premise or in the cloud, based on file size, sensitivity, and compliance needs. Users can access and share files seamlessly from any device, no matter where files are stored. 

“Partnering and integrating with FotoIN provides customers with a seamless and automatic option for capturing, tracking, sharing and storing business images,” says Bart Giordano, senior director of business development at Egnyte. “Egnyte enables 100 percent access to all business file types, regardless of where they’re stored, and we’re excited to offer this integration to help our customers increase productivity and collaboration among field workers and their corporate offices.”

About FotoIN

FotoIN, the leading provider of a mobile and SaaS-based photo documentation solution, allows users the ability to automatically capture and file images to their existing storage directly from the field. The solution increases productivity and collaboration among field workers throughout a wide range of industries including construction, property management, real estate, and insurance. The app is available for download in Apple’s App Store and on Google Play. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn

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