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Busting 5 Myths About Home Inspections

Posted by FotoIN on July 17, 2014

Home Inspections speed up sales and increase certainty and comfort levels.  A survey conducted by the American Society of Home Inspectors reveals home inspections boost buyer’s confidence in 88 percent of those surveyed. 

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The reason for conducting home inspections is to prove there were no problems prior to the sale or purchase. Here are five myths turned into good reminders for agents doing the job:

1. Avoid waiting too long to complete the inspection process
Real estate agents need sufficient information on time to help their clients make an informed decision and respond within the contract-specified time frame. Considering that, quick and efficient home inspection is a must in order to save enough time to have a professional help you determine the depth of any problems.
2. Inspection is necessary even if there is a home warranty
Very few homes are without flaws; inspectors must look for major concerns in homes’ structural and mechanical areas. Some inspections reveal problems which are too expensive to repair or even irreparable.
Home warranties do cost $350 to $500 for a basic plan, and $100 to $300 more additional protection, but most of them will not cover these items if there is no proof that the condition was existing prior to buying the warranty.
3. It is not exclusively intended for older homes
A new home does not equal perfection, and new construction has no greater guarantee of quality than older homes. Newer homes usually have problems resulting from the original construction issues or neglected maintenance. Among other issues, water lines may not be connected properly, or the insulation may not have been properly sprayed. Home inspections exist to see beyond a new home aesthetics.
4. It is not intended to cover everything
For example, things like window air conditioning units and water filtration systems are not part of the inspection for a reason. Electrical fault may cause the system to be inactive, which is unknown to the inspector. If you are inspecting a vacant home, inform clients to make sure all systems are active before the home inspection.
5. Inspectors are required to report on the condition, not diagnose the cause of malfunction
Sometimes it is only possible to report that something is “not working”. According to the
International Standards of Practice for Performing a General Home Inspection, home inspectors are not required to determine the cause or reason of any condition. This does not change the fact that inspectors are effective detectives, but in a reasonable way. Let’s say there are water stains under the A/C units - the cause could be condensation or water leaking from the roof. Try to observe and note the scope of the problem.

A comprehensive yet detailed home inspection report is a valuable resource during the home buying and selling process, but also a great maintenance guide for homeowners in protecting what may be their largest investment. Some reports are only checklists, some are descriptive, and others use complex symbols and a lot of technical jargon. Still, photo inspection reports address issues with a detailed description of the home’s features better than any other format. Those can be delivered immediately after the inspection, and are completely comprehensive.

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