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Create Custom Forms for On-Site Reporting from Your Mobile Devices

Posted by FotoIN Marketing Team on March 19, 2015

The latest FotoIN release brings more control and more options for the on-site and in the office:

  • Build, edit, and manage your own custom forms to be used on site from any Android or Apple device.
  • Access, view, filter and search field reports, photos and data from the Web Portal on a laptop or desktop.


Building Custom Form Templates

The FotoIN Web Management Portal has been upgraded to give you the power to build, edit and publish mobile app forms right from your computer with web access.

Some features of custom forms are:
  • Choose which information captured to include in the report such as: Title, Project, Address, Device, and/or Date and Time.
  • Create sub-chapters under a specific chapter to include the same set of questions. For example, a building inspection form may require that many floors be inspected using the same questions.
  • Choose from multiple types of answers for your questions and decide whether or not to add photos and comments for each or only some of the questions.
  • “Publish” will sync the form to your team's FotoIN mobile app during their next sync!
Once you “Finish & Upload” a PDF report from your mobile device, it will become available on the Web Management Portal under the new Reports tab. Here, you can download any report to your computer as well as search for key information within the reports to identify the right ones faster.

Just like the rest of the searchable information like tags, annotations, and comments within photos, so is all the information residing in your reports. Filter reports by project, location, tags, device, date, or do a simple keyword search to find the correct report. Say goodbye to being locked up in a PDF world and say hello to searchable and accessible field information.


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