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Create Multi Photo Reports with FotoIN Mobile Apps

Posted by admin on April 10, 2013

The multi photo report feature we implemented in all FotoIN versions turned out to be extremely important and beneficial to FotoIN users that I decided to write a dedicated post to explain it in more detail. Important to note is that we implemented this feature based on the feedback we got from our early adopter customers, thank you.



The request for multi-photo reports is out of pure necessity. This is the use case in a nutshell:

“While having the ability to create a report with one photo and data related to that photo, like annotations, comments, location and time stamps is great, we have daily situations where we need to create one report with many photos, for example when conducting site inspections.”

The added value is instantly clear and we designed and implemented the concept in all segment versions. User experience is of course very important to us so we insured the user interface and generation process is simple, fast and efficient.

Now, with the multi photo report feature FotoIN users can create a report, name it and add additional report level information as before. Users can add up to 16 photos, separated in 4 categories, and FotoIN combines them in a beautiful layout. We plan on increasing the number of photos per report based on additional feedback from the customers. Of course, the related information is placed together with each photo (annotations, comments, meta data...) making it easier to complete reports on site and ready for emailing or syncing with the company’s file storage account.


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