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Never Easier Field Photo & Data Capture. New FotoIN v3.2 Mobile App

Posted by FotoIN Marketing Team on April 26, 2016


We are very excited to share more details about new 2016 releases that started a few weeks ago. In this post we're covering the new and improved Mobile App v3.2 and in the coming weeks and months we'll share more information about new Enterprise tools, resources and new integrations.

Big thanks to all of our customers for their input and feedback and of course to the development team for their hard work and diligence.

Now, on to the new Mobile app that sports a new look and user interface and features many optimizations of the user experience in capturing photos, projects, data, syncing, reporting, and getting help and support. 


Exciting New Mobile Features & Enhancements

Completely redesigned user interface for easier access to key features:

  • New bottom toolbar with key action buttons
  • Direct access to editing tags and comments on the photo
  • Direct access to report templates or to force the sync
  • New title area for viewing a photo's key information including project

Edit screen   Photo information   Delete a photo

Multi-select and take action from the gallery screen: 

  • Select many photo to update tags, email, or delete them
  • Filter photos by multiple filters

iPhone gallery   Select many to tag, email or delete   Gallery filters

New interactive logic for assigning the correct project:

  • Prompt will ensure the correct project is captured and then remember it
  • Ability to select from nearby projects or search the correct one
  • Search for a project from the list of company projects

Select an existing project Select address to save as new project Prompt ensures all photos are saved to a project


 New smart tagging features:

  • Introducing required tag categories, to ensure field worker captures them
  • Ability to create hierarchy of dependent tag values to show based on the parent tag selection
  • Tag selections can be remembered for the following photos
Tagging photos Required tags must be selected before continuing


New report rendering logic that better organizes information and photos on a page:

Field Report on iPad













Stay tuned to for the next posts in the coming weeks and months to learn about new Enterprise tools, resources and new integrations!


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