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Filing of Photos and Reports to Existing Digital Folders is ... Now Automated!

Posted by FotoIN on June 23, 2014


Organizing project files can be a formidable challenge for any company but it is more than necessary.

In any project, especially large ones that consist of capturing many photos and creating reports, it is essential to cope with the complexities of organizing files into specific folder structures. A primary goal for any business is to file relevant documents, information and photos in a structured way that will make data easy to retrieve as quickly as possible.

FotoIN provides automated upload, organization and filing of photos and data. All information captured with mobile phones and tablets can be synced in real time to a cloud storage or in-house repository and organized by specific preferences.

Our latest product release, offers a solution for uploading and archiving photos and reports so that they land directly to the correct folder in your storage repository. Capturing photos and reports are now easily shared and immediately retrievable by anyone with permission.

New Folder Hierarchy Organization for business photos

All captured information is organized into the correct folders by variables specified by the company admin. Documentation is easier to find and better organized to simplify end-user experience when trying to locate specific items (such as electrical or structural photos).

Configuring your company’s preferred folder hierarchy is simple and easy by managing folders from FotoIN’s web management portal. Comany admin are provided an overview and complete control of photo documenting activities. Now it is simple to create folder hierarchy that makes the most sense for your company with easy access for immediate or later use, by searching any term captured, tagged or annotated in the field.  

Create your own folders and tags

With this latest product release, FotoIN aimed to design an even more organized project documentation system to improve and simplify end-user experience. We are focused on automating and simplifying data upload and folder hierarchy organization that will be practical for any business and we will continue to do so in the future.

Upload the new version of the FotoIN app from Google's Play Store or Apple's App Store and let your field photo documenting get automated!


Features of Automated Photo Documentation



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