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Find Out Why Photos Are Crucial To Your Business!

Posted by FotoIN on May 27, 2014

"If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself." -Henry Ford

Most successful businesses realize that the key to success is in cooperation and collaboration. That is especially true when trying to coordinate the field and the office and all the information they need, use and exchange.

Photo collaboration is crucial to your business

Teams need a fast flow of information, and for it to be understandable, trustworthy and easily accessible. But today, most businesses still waste time on poorly-written documentation, meetings and going back and forth with calls and emails, delaying the resolution and increasing costs. Information is scattered, nothing is organized and nobody is up to date.


Organized Collaboration is Necessary to:

  • Keep track of the conducted work, files, photos, discussions and comments
  • Show off your work to your clients, boss, other team members
  • Centralize and organize workflows and available information 


Research shows that office workers waste an average of two hours per week in meetings, and U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics concluded that unnecessary meetings cost U.S. businesses approximately $37 billion each year. One survey conducted among 2,600 executives showed that executives waste six weeks per year searching for lost documents, $1,800 per employee on unnecessary emails from co-workers and $2,100 - $4,100 due to poor written communication.There is a solution for these problems that will speed up the whole process for any field project and that will deliver and improve quality of the field work.


Use Photos as a Collaboration Tool!
Photos and visual data will resolve time management issues and will result in quality collaboration with team members and clients. Easy to capture with just a snap, photos make collaboration faster and more effective. With the ability to annotate photos with comments, businesses can create real time visual collaboration. And if a company uses cloud services, it is very easy to share photos and use them to improve collaboration with all project plans, specs and files, regardless of your location.


Advantages of Photo Collaboration:

So much time is still wasted on manual filing and paper documents that it’s no wonder photos and visual data is necessary, and becoming the preferred tool for any field business and project.Using photos as a collaboration tool will improve overall time management, and when combined with cloud storage, it will lead to real-time collaboration among team members. Work will become teamwork and result in amazing time and cost savingsCome back next week to read: How to Choose the Best Cloud Storage Provider for your photo collaboration!


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