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FotoIN now fully integrated with all Microsoft storage options and with Microsoft Single Sign-On

Posted by FotoIN Marketing Team on October 30, 2020


With FotoIN's patented system, Microsoft users can now save 75 percent of time when documenting conditions on site with photos, videos and reports.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES / -- FotoIN Mobile Corporation (FotoIN) now fully integrates with Microsoft to bring its patented visual documentation system to field professionals using Microsoft Office productivity solutions and help them save time when documenting field conditions with photos and videos.

FotoIN announced the launch of the new full round trip integration and Single Sign-On with Microsoft. FotoIN’s patented professional visual documentation solution is now directly connected with Azure and Microsoft 365 including SharePoint (all versions) and OneDrive. Integration is fully seamless with the option to set up an account with the user's existing Microsoft account.

Account set up and login are done with 1 click when using Microsoft and there is no need to set up a password for FotoIN or go through complicated IT steps and procedures to connect FotoIN to your existing Microsoft storage and productivity solutions and services. FotoIN automated the workflow end-to-end, including data and media filing, naming, organization and administration to further simplify visual documentation capture and management across field heavy use cases in field heavy industries like AEC, Real Estate and Insurance.

With FotoIN’s mobile app Microsoft users now finally get the best in class and easiest way to capture photos and videos on site with associated data. Smart visuals including all the field data make the documentation more actionable with direct real time connection between FotoIN and Microsoft’s enterprise collaboration and productivity solutions and services, in cloud or on premise with SharePoint and personal OneDrive.

“By automating and streamlining the authentication, storage, filing and data connection with Microsoft, more project teams will be able to capture and manage photos and associated data across Enterprise using FotoIN mobile, web and desktop applications with the photos and data automatically organized to appropriate storage option and folder hierarchy in Microsoft’s SharePoint or OneDrive storage, saving users 75% of time in the field and office.” Sly Barisic, CEO and Founder of FotoIN explained.

He added: “Microsoft is already the best known and most used solutions’ provider in the field heavy industries like Construction, Real Estate and Insurance. Starting with Sharepoint, then productivity suite on the office side, and now finally also easy to use on mobile devices in the field. Since Microsoft doesn’t have a dedicated mobile app for photos or videos, FotoIN is closing the gap and giving all Microsoft users an easy way to capture, file, organize and use their visual documentation just like our customers J.E. Dunn, AECOM and W.M. Jordan. Now all Microsoft users can also easily do field photos, videos and reports and automatically save and sync, in real time, directly from the field, without losing security, ownership or ability to manage across the organization, platforms, devices, user groups etc., just like with Microsoft”.

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