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FotoIN Brings Zero Friction to Capturing Photos

Posted by FotoIN on December 22, 2014

The latest FotoIN update brings mobile photo documentation closer to Zero Friction user experience in the field. By adding multiple setting options users can now capture photos with one click and FotoIN will automatically embed key data in the photo (Project info, GPS coordinates, Address, Date, Time, Device, User info), give photo a name and automatically file it in the right location within the company's existing folder organization.

New camera settings on FotoIN mobile apps

General Settings

  • Now you can open the camera by just clicking on the FotoIN icon from your device's home screen.
  • You can choose to Edit photos immediately after capture, or tag and annotate right after capture. 


Skip preview feature

User can also specify on the Camera Capture screen whether to preview the photo or just keep snapping new photos.

FotoIN continues to work on further simplifying and automating the end user experience and has many more cool features and options planned for 2015.

Check out the rest of the cool FotoIN Features and how automated photo documentation can help you and your business improve the field experience, and save time and money.



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