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FotoIN Finds Success In Streamlining Photo Documentation for Industries with Heavy Field Exposure

Posted by FotoIN on June 18, 2014

Market Need Spurs Company’s Recent Investment and Team Growth

FotoIN streamlines photos for field industries

ATLANTA (June 17, 2014) — The digital era has significantly improved efficiencies in multiple business practices for construction, real estate, insurance and other industries with heavy field exposure.

FotoIN Mobile Corporation (FotoIN), the leading provider of a mobile and cloud based solution for photo documentation and reporting, stokes this digital revolution by offering a seamless and automatic solution for capturing, tracking, sharing and storing business images. It effectively removes the barriers between field workers and corporate offices.

Due to the desperate need for automated solutions across a wide range of billion dollar markets, FotoIN today announces the conclusion of its Series B round. This investment will drive team growth and market penetration in construction, real estate, insurance and will also open opportunities within other industries from pest control to property management. FotoIN has received investment from Timberline Ventures LLC as well as angels including Frank Bishop who is also an Advisor for the company.

The construction industry alone is a $45 billion dollar market. To thrive, industries such as these must ditch manual processes in order to compete in the digital era,” says Bishop. “FotoIN caught my attention early on because its impressive technology delivers the solution to a huge problem. The value of its technology offering has been quickly proven by FotoIN’s successful track record in securing cloud storage provider partners including, Box, Egnyte, ShareFile and Oracle’s WebCenter Content. These partnerships as well as guidance from the company’s investors will launch FotoIN into its next phase of growth.”

Nearly 56 percent of U.S. residents are smartphone users, according to a recent Google study, and Forrester reports that 29 percent of the global workforce can be characterized as anytime, anywhere information workers who utilize three or more devices, work from multiple locations and operate many apps. They are our modern day field workers. This number has risen six percent since 2011 and is expected to rise even more, especially considering the 905 million tablets projected to be used for work and home purposes globally by 2017

The emergence of smartphones, tablets and cloud services results in new opportunities for field data and photo capture, including conducting photo inspections and reporting in a whole new way,” explains Sly Barisic, CEO and founder of FotoIN. According to a recent Field Mobility report, 49 percent of field workers primarily use smartphones to conduct business. Our users can now harness the power of their device to make everyday processes much more efficient, saving time and resources. We look forward to expanding our services to additional field-based industries in the future including property management, inspection, pest control and merchandising.”

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