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FotoIN's First Release for iPad

Posted by admin on February 18, 2013

We would like to use this post to:

  1. Briefly reflect on last two weeks 
  2. Introduce you to our website
  3. Present the plan for our photo documentation blog


Mobile App Released - iPad

Kudos to our development team who worked like mad to get FotoIN iPad app on the App Store. As from February 12th youcan find FotoIN Construction for Box and download it for free on the App Store. This first release demonstrates core functionality with more to come in the following weeks.


Website Introduction

On this website you can find all the relevant information about FotoIN Mobile Corporation and FotoIN products. The website will evolve over time and we will introduce new features on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Feel free to browse and give us feedback or send us any questions you have about our products or website.


Photo Documentation Community

To make communication easy we opened social accounts on: Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin. Use those networks to reach us any time of the day. We will make sure that all the questions are answered immediately. You can find the links to all the profile pages in the footer below.



On this blog you will be able to find all the updates and news about FotoIN, as well as news, tips and tricks and advices from industry experts in Property, Construction and Real Estate. We will be providing case studies from clients who benefited from using FotoIN. To stay in the loop make sure you receive our newsletter or subscribe to blog.

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