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FotoIN Mobile App Released for iPhone

Posted by FotoIN on June 19, 2013


FotoIN is now available on iPhone! With some adjustments to the design, the functionality remains the same as on the other devices, and the ease of use allows fast capturing of photos and information.

FotoIN Release Mobile App for iPhone


All versions now available on the App Store:


Releasing the iPhone version makes FotoIN just one more step closer to a big goal - being platform agnostic. Now the iPad, Android and iPhone releases for all segment specific versions make sure that you don’t depend on the device type (only Windows devices left). Every employee on any device can capture field data, have it automatically synced to Box, create reports and can enjoy all the other features FotoIN has to offer.


Foundations are set and we are continuing to develop new features daily. For updates and news follow us on Twitter.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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