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FotoIN at International Restoration Conference & Industry Expo + #MCAA

Posted by Sly Barisic on March 29, 2016

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Last week I attended 2 events in Orlando for industries FotoIN serves:

  • International Restoration Conference and Industry Expo

  • Mechanical Contractors of America Association

As usual when attending targeted events relevant for FotoIN, I learned a lot, met some great people and got a lot of great ideas how we can improve FotoIN.

Restoration Industry Association Conference and Industry Expo

Here is a quick snapshot of the events and key takeaways as related to photo documentation in Restoration and Mechanical Contractors spaces:


  • International Restoration Convention and Industry Expo 2016 was all about cutting-edge trends in the industry including the field photo documentation technology enabling productivity, efficiency and even new revenue opportunities

  • Key takeaways:

    • Process automation through technology a key enabler

    • Field documentation a big deal and a great opportunity to improve the bottom line

    • Productivity & efficiency gains, and revenue opportunities possible with technology

    • Mobile, thermal cameras, new hardware and software all relevant

    • Integrating systems is a challenge and needs to be considered carefully

    • Reztimate's Kris Rzesnoski, Consultant/Xactimate Certified Trainer, presented up to 25% EBITDA gains through technology


Mechanical Contractors of America Association (#MCAA):

I was very fortunate when arriving to the MCAA event. Not only did I directly walk into FotoIN being discussed by Charles Townsend in a dedicated session on digital photography but also got to see my friends from JB Knowledge, that were there promoting all kinds of new technologies for the AEC space.

Here are the key takeaways from the class Charles held on digital photography:

  • Many options out there and need to be careful when choosing

  • Define needs and criteria and then choose your solution

  • Take the technology adoption as a process vs. one time event

  • Sharing across the organization and integrated systems very important

  • Ease of use in the field is paramount to create value


In general, the conclusion is that we’re in the early stages of leveraging the power of new technology, and especially photos and visual documentation, both in Restoration and Mechanical Contracting spaces.

Both workers and businesses in these industries are just realizing the possibilities that come from mobile and cloud technologies, including productivity and efficiency gains, and new revenue opportunities that come through automation, systems integration as well as easy photo documentation.

To learn more about the benefits of using photo documentation technology in field heavy industries and check out Solutions and Features

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