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Go Paperless! Top 3 Tips to Ditch the Pen and Paper [Infographic]

Posted by FotoIN on February 19, 2015

For those of us who are always on the move, keeping track of documents, notes and files is extremely exhausting and cumbersome. No matter how organized you are, there is always a file that has gone missing or important photos and notes lost or thrown away. 

It takes an average of 18 minutes to find a paper document, and 70 percent of businesses would fail in three weeks if they had a catastrophic loss of paper due to a fire or flood.

Today there is an increasing requirement to speed up work processes. The need for increasing productivity is a constant pressure baring down on all of us. Let's face it, pen and paper are simply archaic, and using them together with cameras (all kinds) to document field work is very inefficient. The old school method of notepads and folders being towed around on (or under) our backseats is holding us back.

So what is the process of eliminating the need for pen and paper?

Where do we begin and how do we capture all that information in the field without writing it down?

Click on the image below to view the entire infographic:

Top three tips for paperless field documentation


Statistic quoted from original post Benefits of Construction Mobile Apps.


Features of Automated Photo Documentation

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