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Home Staging: Where To Spend and Where To Save

Posted by FotoIN on August 19, 2014

Home staging is the smartest investment a homeowner can make to maximize the value of their property at the time of sale. It is not about spending money but about using what is already there to make the most of space.

Tips for saving when home staging

Creating the most interest in the home by presenting it in its best possible light brings more offers, raises the sale price and reduces the time on market, staging statistics show. Nevertheless, be mindful about the expenses when staging a home for sale. Discover where you can help your clients save, while also attracting homebuyers.

  1. Skip Painting The Trim
    Studies show painting the home interior can yield a 109 percent return on investment, study shows. Within that, having the trim painted requires a lot more time, precise work and money if you hire a professional. Focusing only on walls will make a huge impact and brighten the spaces as if everything is brand new.

  2. Skip Refinishing The Floors
    Having flawed hardwood doesn’t necessarily call for refinishing. Hardwood floors are sought after and admired for their beauty, treasured for their history, and enjoyed for their practicality. Real estate agents have reported that houses with hardwoods sell faster than houses without wood floors, and 90 percent said a house with wood floors would bring a higher price, according to the National Wood Flooring Association. Arrange a good cleaning and touch-up with a wood stain. This should do perfectly but if it does need more than that, advise a low-cost alternative such as applying a fresh topcoat of non-yellowing polyurethane. It is a water-based formula that dries quicker and is low in odor. Since any water-based finish is more environmentally friendly, this is a very popular hardwood finish choice.

  3. Don’t Buy New Furniture Or Trendy Stainless Steel Kitchen Appliances
    Advise your clients to borrow a few things from friends or family, rather than buying new items, in order to make the space feel finished. Other than that, help them pare down what is already there and most importantly - declutter.

    If the decor is dated, advise purchasing new bedding and a few updated lamps, but make sure they are type of things you would like to take with you to your new home. Don't opt for replacement of appliances in good condition just because they are white or black.

  4. No Need To Replace All The Brass
    Antique and satin-finish brass looks more luxurious than the brushed nickel many people use to update their brass. Homeowners can inexpensively purchase a product to slightly debrass the hardware.

  5. Children’s Themed Rooms Are Ok
    Most people expect themed kids' rooms so don't suggest neutralizing the walls. This is not an area that will make or break a sale, so save your clients time and money by leaving as-is.

These inexpensive tips will help you sell a home quickly and at the right price. As an agent, do your best to focus on the tasks that should be done to the house in order to transform it into a product that sells. Make sure to collaborate with a professional home stager who will be able to help you to determine the must to do projects. Having a smart device and employing mobile solution makes it even easier.


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