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How Photo Captions Influence Homebuyers

Posted by FotoIN on July 15, 2014

A photo is worth a thousand words (as they say), so why not make the best of of those thousand words?

Photo captions influence homebuyers

When selling a home, many real estate listing services allow you to write captions beneath the photos. 

Thanks to search engines, those captions are a great place for homebuyers to find more than they were looking for, right within your listings! Being descriptive and creative can increase buyers’ interest. According to the newest studies, emotion is two times more important than logic in the buying process. Potential homebuyers will likely find a listing due to a logical web search, but they are going to schedule a showing because the listing created an emotional response! So, how to get the emotional response?

Call attention to details and be as specific as possible
Snapping a master bedroom photo and writing the apparent caption “master bedroom” matches the reality but does not explain much. Instead, go for more enticing details and wrap them up in easy searchable keywords to attract even more homebuyers. Each caption should be descriptive of the room content in order to let potential buyers know more: hardwood flooring, bed size and type, large balcony, with a breathtaking mountain view or spacious windows and a lot of sunlight. Such details can double the appeal of otherwise regular listing photos.
Make sure to communicate extras and make it “gorgeous”
There’s no reason to hold back – let buyers know what a great house they are looking at by detailing its amenities. This could include elaboration on a stone or brick exterior, Mediterranean or contemporary style, or large green gardens with automatic sprinklers. But it can also be about marble baths, roof decks, floor to ceiling windows, wine room and a gym. Rich photo captions are a great way to drive traffic to your listing. Think about adding the words "beautiful" or "gorgeous" to photo captions, since those sell 15 percent faster. Actually, the difference between describing the rooms in a home as “beautiful” versus “move-in condition” is about $12,500 on a $250,000 home.
Use keywords specific to local area
Google and other search engines have a special image search function. By including a keyword specific to local area to information about the rooms and amenities, your property listing is much more likely to show up in buyers’ searches. Think of the easy one like name of the city, and those often neglected in captions, like nearby nature parks or sand beaches. Corona Del Mar in the City of Newport Beach at the foot of the San Joaquin Hills, spectacular views, shopping, night life, great seafood. They all sound great!
Don’t leave any empty space and double-check your captions 
Photo captions are another space in which you can potentially sell a home. After all, if you are paying for the ad space, why not use it well? Think of it like this: selling a high-end home asks for a jazzed-up description because the difference is in the details. So take your time and space to write your best! No spelling, punctuation or grammar mistakes are acceptable.

One more great reminder is to make sure you only take good listing photos that are relevant to clarify rich captions and ensure that homebuyers get the important message in the best possible way.

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