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Importance of Photo Documentation for Construction Project Management

Posted by FotoIN on October 09, 2014

Studies throughout the years have shown that workers on a construction project are unproductive for 50 percent of their time on site, and almost half of it is lost on waiting. They also indicated that a third of workers unproductive time is a result from factors that are under management’s control.

Mobile Solution for Construction Managment

When put in numbers, a lack of productivity could cost the company $1544.42 each year per worker. So for construction companies, it’s crucial to have a good project manager to improve overall management practices, (and by the Bureau of labor statistics, employment is expected to grow 16 percent from 2012 to 2022, faster than the average for all occupations).

Construction project managers’ primary responsibilities are to oversee a particular construction job and to ensure that the project goes smoothly. They are required to coordinate manpower, equipment, materials and deadlines, all under budget with quality and safety guaranteed.

To do this well, they need to have... excellent communication, coordination, planning skills and unique knowledge in all construction-specific areas from project safety, environment, to financial and claim management.

That presents an extremely challenging process since many factors influence the outcome of a construction project. With so many tasks, phases and procedures going on, it’s imperative to find a way to speed up the process of sharing information and of data documentation, among field and office teams.

Photo Documentation – The Best Way to Improve Productivity at the Construction Site

The key to eliminating spreadsheets, redundancy and improving workflows at a construction site is in using photos as a main documentation tool and adopting new technologies that can simplify the process of capturing, storing and sharing photos.

Using photo documentation in construction project management will enable businesses to:

  • Reduce warranty and tear-out costs

  • Quickly analyze the entire construction process in detail from start to finish

  • Speed up quality control, safety inspections and daily reporting

  • Quickly and easily report progress to owners/investors

  • Minimize the need for escalation and repeated field visits

The results are well-documented “as built” conditions, great safety and quality control in the field, resolved warranty disputes, easy inspections, site walks, and daily reporting. Projects can be completed faster with the recent emergence of construction software providers that help to create lower costs and higher profits.

The solution is obvious, and it’s up to businesses to choose whether to stay behind and get swamped with documentation or to start using photos as a main documentation tool and adapt to emerging technologies.

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