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Even Faster & More Flexible Business Photo Documentation

Posted by FotoIN on November 11, 2014

Customers ask, we deliver… more speed and automation, but still simple and flexible.

We are excited to announce a new release of the FotoIN mobile solution. Now, the field capture experience comes with even faster sync (up to 10X) and increased auto filing flexibility with more configuration and tagging options.

File And Name By Your Own Rules
Now, instead of just one filing path the possibilities are endless:

  • Photo and report filing paths can be configured in any way imaginable using a custom logic and filing conventions.

  • For photos, leverage any of the captured tags and data variables for filingincluding custom tags, address, city, county, state, and country, etc.
    An example - Say you want all photos from the project “FotoIN Headquarters” to file under that project folder, but file the photos with the “Urgent” tag to a separate folder, elsewhere in the folder tree.

  • The same custom filing path feature is available for reports as well. Report's filing can be configured by using a combination of parameters like project, title, device name, user and many more.

  • Custom filing enables a much more streamlined FotoIN experience and whole new level of workflow automation, in combination with automated notifications from cloud services, Citrix ShareFile, Egnyte and Box.
    In the example above – an “Urgent” issue can also have a tag for the vendor that is supposed to react. With the photo doc uploaded to the vendor shared folder, the vendor will be immediately notified of the issue with automated folder notification by the cloud provider... Days turn into minutes.

  • To make it completely fit your way of doing business, now you can also change the name of any of the field labels and even the photo doc naming convention.

Tagging Galore
FotoIN customers now can have it their own way when it comes to tagging too!

  • Instead of just one value per category, the user can now apply multiple tag valuesNo need to take multiple pictures of the same view to capture multiple values. 
    An example - 
    When applying a “Construction Trade” tag, you can apply “Electrical” and “Plumbing” for the same photo and simply save more time.
  • This feature will allow you to capture more information with your photos so viewers get it all by just viewing a single photo. 

We continue to work on even more customer experience improvements (taking clicks out of the equation) as well as integrations (Google’s Drive and Apps, Microsoft’s OneDrive and Office365) with the goal of a most delightful ZERO Friction experience. Let us know what you think by leaving your comments below. 

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