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Mobile Photo Documentation by the Numbers

Posted by FotoIN on December 22, 2014

Mobile technology is quickly taking on a much larger role in conducting daily operations in field-heavy industries like restoration, construction, property management, and a natural extension of the cloud trend over the past few years. 
The need to reduce or completely eliminate paper based workflows, and speed up and improve field to office communication and collaboration has many companies turning to visual photo documentation and mobile technology to provide the final solution. 
Click the image below to view the full infographic.
Mobile Photo Documentation By The Numbers
Mobile technology is becoming a necessity and clear choice when it comes to capturing (69% of field workers already capture photos with smart phones) and managing business photo documentation to visually support daily operations, dispute resolution, reporting and verification of completed work or simply to capture more data to enable and drive better business decisions and analysis.
The infographic lays out the business case of why photos are the better way to document field work and that the combination of mobile and cloud technologies is essential for an effective end to end solution for field and the office. 

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