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Photo Documentation Mobile App: New Release, New User Interface

Posted by Sly on November 26, 2013


We are pleased to announce the latest release of FotoIN Mobile 2.1. with a new user interface that will standardize and simplify your experience.

Android tablet landscape with drawer action menu and annotations


Some new features in this latest release, include:

  • New design across all platforms and devices

  • Horizontal and vertical orientation on both tablets and phones

  • Photo Edit Screen: New left drawer, to edit and input field information

  • All Screens: Right side action menu for any activity or task

When you visit our website you will notice that we added Support.  All while working on redesigning the Use Cases and Features pages to bring more content to help you explore FotoIN's complete solution for your field photo documentation needs.


Help & Support  FotoINFotoIN - Google Chrome_2013-11-21_11-24-33

FotoIN Connector's

We are also working on introduced dedicated web pages and more details on each cloud and other storage provider connector - Box, Share File, Egnyte, SharePoint, WebDAV.

Here you will find more details on the supported functionalities and timeline plans of future additions. We will also provide detailed instructions on how both FotoIN and each storage provider connection can be best configured to give you the most value.


Product Future

As we roll out these changes and we round out the product with key functionalities we are also getting closer to the end of our live Beta phase. In the coming weeks you will receive more detailed timeline and additional information about the switch, and instructions on how to keep all the functionality that comes with your FotoIN account.


World with FotoIN

You can also follow our new blog series The World with FotoIN by HCH. Hrvoje is using FotoIN to capture some of Earth’s most unique and beautiful scenes and bring it to you and the cloud directly from the field, with all the field context.

We continue to work on making the FotoIN experience even better, faster and simpler and appreciate your feedback and support – please keep those ideas coming and tell your friends about FotoIN.


Photos transmit information to our brains 60,000 times faster than text.

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