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New Web Portal Feature - Edit Photos and Associated Tags and Data

Posted by FotoIN Marketing Team on December 18, 2017


Flexibility is one of FotoIN’s key product tenants that also applies to photo data. To date, account and project admins did not have a way to QA the photo data after photos synced from the field. This limitation has now been removed.

We are very happy to announce that account admins will now have the ability to edit photos and associated tags and data on FotoIN’s Web Portal:

  1. Select a photo to view from the ‘Photos’ tab
  2. In the ‘Key Information’ panel, click on the new ‘Edit’ button
  3. Here is where you will be able to update the photo’s project and add/remove tags from associated tag categories.
edit photos on the web portal

We have always focused on making the capture of data in the field easy, but understand also there may times where that data needs to reviewed and adjusted afterwards from the office."  - Mike Shutt, CTO, FotoIN Mobile Corporation.

To learn more about this new features, check out the Quick Start Guide under Support.


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