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FotoIN Mobile Solution Gets Even Better and Easier

Posted by Danielle on February 11, 2014

We are very pleased to announce the release of a new and much improved FotoIN Mobile Solution (v 2.4.0). With the new update, FotoIN is now much easier to use and configurable to your own needs: 

  • Make your own reports with your custom report option

  • Use your cloud account credentials to get a FotoIN account

  • Register many additional devices by simply emailing users


Custom Reports

FotoIN now lets you tailor your reports to your needs, including using your own logo and defining the elements you require to complete the report. You can set up your own questions (many different types), when to take photos, and organize it all in chapters and subchapters for ease of completion in the field, and you get all the expected FotoIN magic juice - embedding field info into the photos and reports and automatically filing them to your digital storage of choice, to access online whenever and wherever.

Custom Reports now available with the FotoIN Mobile Solution


Registering For A FotoIN Account

To make it simpler, you can register for a FotoIN account by just using your existing cloud storage provider account. This will become the standard as we add additional cloud connectors.

Quick and Easy Register with existing cloud storage account



Registering Additional Devices

Now easier than ever, just email your team members from FotoIN Management Portal and they will get links for joining your account. By clicking a single link within the email from their mobile phones or tablets, FotoIN mobile app will automatically set up their devices to work with your company account – they just click one button and that is it. Farewell to all those phone calls just to set up each individual user.

Add users by simple email entry.

Download the FotoIN app and explore all the field photo documentation possibilities and give us your feedback.

And yes, we did add the delete functionality! You ask and we deliver!



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