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Picture Perfect MLS Listings - Rules In A Nutshell

Posted by FotoIN on July 29, 2014

Every house is unique so taking the right photos could be the most significant part of successfully marketing a home. 

picture perfect MLS listing photos


Brokers share information on properties through more than 800 MLSs, and according to a 2013 National Association of Realtors survey, 85 percent of sellers reported that their home was listed or advertised on the MLS website, and for 42 percent of home buyers, the first step in the home-buying process was searching online for properties. Trulia, Zillow, and account for 8 times as many visitors as all of the major real estate franchisors combined.

In order for a listing to stand out and be successful amoungst the rest, we must think about which photos need to be shown and how to capture them. Here are some simple tips to follow when capturing photos for a listing:

  1. Photos should showcase what is in the description of the home
    Determine how many photos would be enough to encourage someone to schedule a showing. Still, you need to leave some mystery and give the viewer a reason to want to visit. One way of doing this is to take photos that capture the essence of a room, but leave subtle hints that pique the potential buyer’s curiosity, while still telling the best story. You might even take a few close shots if it will make a good accent. Just remember to stay coherent - If you lavished attention in the comments, tags and photo annotations on the great kitchen, there should be multiple photos that the buyers can imagine putting themselves into. If the grounds are landscaped well, then you might have up to 10 more photos.
  2. Take at least one photo from each room and key exterior points
    Though there is no magic number of photos needed to best showcase a home, this is a great rule to use when deciding how many photos are enough. Focus on the main areas – the living room, kitchen and dining room. Unless there is something interesting like a fireplace, skip the bedroom. Bathrooms are also difficult to photograph if they are too small to stand back far enough, and mirrors are difficult to photograph. Interestingly enough, garages are now an extension of living space and have moved away from a total utilitarian function. Many buyers want one that offers a variety of organizational systems. If you recognize a potential like this, go for a garage photo too. Otherwise, simply mentioning a two-car garage will do the trick. As for the exterior, include a backyard, garden or a patio. If noteworthy, snap an entry or stairs that lead to it.
  3. Watch the light to take stunning photos of the home’s interior and exterior
    Keep the windows opened to capture the room and the view outside the window. The problem here is that the camera will automatically adjust to the brightest spot in the photo, which is the window. To overcome this, take the photo at sundown or sunrise, because the outside light is diffused. A sunny day with blue skies usually makes for the best exterior photos.
  4. Pay attention to angles and how you hold your smartphone when taking photos
    Capture photos featuring the best lines and architecture, while leaving out portions of a room or the home as a whole. This will cause the viewer to want to see the portions left out. Be careful not to take photos with your smartphone tilted sideways, because a photo taller than its width will end up either distorted or shrunk when posted on real estate websites. Avoid cropping photos unless you know the pixels and dimensions needed for uploading to the MLS listings.

Posting proportionate and intriguing photos to MLS is one of the most important factors in selling a home for the desired listing price. Follow these simple tips to ensure the photos are showcasing a successful listing.



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