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Stop Destroying Value with Manual Photo Archiving!

Posted by Nina Petric on April 28, 2014

You can spend hours searching for photos or documents that you've filed away somewhere... it's just to easy to forget where you put them!

Stop Wasting Time on Manually Uploading PhotosImagine the process of managing and storing all that data, and having to archive hundreds or thousands of photos of many types...
Now imagine the process of managing and storing all that data and photo archives, converting hundreds of photos into PDF files, and then organizing it all into accurate records so it doesn’t get misplaced...
Not only is this way inefficient and time consuming, it may also lead to mistakes and profit loss! The management of files takes time away from your core value added work.

Field-based industries rely on accurate and timely photo documentation but how do they capture, manage and file all these types of photos across a number of projects, sites, locations, users and devices? 

Manual Filing and Archiving is Costly, Tedious and Time Consuming

Most offices are stacked with overflowing filing cabinets, hard drives, computers flash drives and smart devices at maximum storage capacity. Having to locate specific files, copy to different media and then carry to meetings hoping everything will work properly and that nothing is left behind – defeats the purpose. While having difficulty accessing and locating files can be frustrating, losing them all together can be catastrophic.

At the same time, it takes skill and resources to properly organize, store and maintain photo archives, and it doesn’t come cheap. Opting to purchase servers, computers and data storage devices requires a significant expenditure, including further maintenance costs. In the last year, analysts projected that there was $2.06 trillion invested across hardware, software and IT services by enterprises and governments. Backing up digital files to protect information takes both time and resources, and most importantly, it takes away from value-added activities.

Are There Other Options?

Sure! There is no "one-size-fits-all" solution to documentation and photo archival challenges, but consider cloud storage archives. A recent study found that 88 percent of cloud users pointed to cost savings and 56 percent agreed that cloud services have helped them increase profits. And indeed, 62 percent of the companies that saved money are re-investing back into their business, boosting wages and driving product innovation.

Come back for the second part in the series on cloud photo archiving for more insights on the benefits of cloud syncing, filing and archiving!

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