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Take Photos, Make More Money!Go Mobile & Simplify Photo Capture

Posted by FotoIN on May 06, 2014


Smartphones and Tablets - the Easier and Faster Way to Inspect, Document and Report Photos from the Field.

Mobile Devices used for documenting in field industries
Even in the digital age we live in today, much of field photo documentation, inspection and reporting is still being done the OLD way, manually... mainly because of the lack of awareness about new solutions created by the mobile revolution. 
The emergence of smartphones, tablets, cloud services have resulted in new opportunities for field data and photo capture, including conducting photo inspections and reporting in a whole new way. Field workers are starting to discover the power their personal smartphone or a tablet can have in their daily work. Google indicates that 67% of people use their smart phone every day, and now they can use these SMART DEVICES to capture photos, document, inspect and generate reports quickly from the field.

Using a smartphone or tablet, project managers, superintendants, inspectors, engineers, real estate agents and property managers can do Photo documentation - the SMARTER way by:
  • Taking photos with a phone or tablet instead of carrying additional equipment,
  • Making notes and even creating a report on site, from that same phone or tablet
  • Emailing the report to the client or your office staff, right from your phone or tablet
  • Uploading photos, notes and reports directly to your cloud storage

Using a mobile solution dramatically simplifies the documentation process. It also ensures the quality of the documenting as built conditions in construction, inspection reports in property management, or claims adjusting. 


Advantages of Smartphone Usage in Photo Inspection

In a fast moving business environment challenges arise regularly. Any work or issue, including the associated documentation, needs to be resolved and documented quickly. Completing tasks efficiently, resolving problems, maneuvering around interruptions, going from office-to-field, timely reporting to owners – it’s a process that never stops and begs for a simpler option – and in this case a mobile solution is the answer. Now you can use your smartphone or tablet to capture photos, photo documentation, and generate reports, and experience:
  1. Less Stress
  2. Increased Accuracy with an Automated Process
  3. More Reliability
  4. More Time for Higher Quality Work that Brings in More Revenue
Mobile technology has created many benefits including accelerating the way we do business. It also allowed field supervisors and inspectors to conduct field work faster and more efficiently.

Think Mobile, Photo Capture, Photo Inspection & START SAVING TIME & MONEY!

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