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Creating Value with Photo Documentation in Construction

Posted by FotoIN Marketing Team on April 27, 2015

Most construction companies are realizing the need and opportunity to use photos to create value. They are recognizing technological advancements that allow capturing, managing and access to photos and data from anywhere, anytime. 

In construction photos are often used to document as-built conditions, progress, safety inspections, quality control and more. Being able to access photos along with embedded pertinant infromation is becoming a necessity and companies are seeking a quick and easy solution for filing and searching.

In this infographic you will see a break down of the roles that are impacted and how photo documentation can be used in many industries such as construction, engineering and installations.

Click on the image below to view the entire infographic. 

Benefits of Photo Documentation in Construction Roles

In a recent blog post about Mobile Photo Documentation we showed the importance of photos in capturing pertinent project information related to construction and how mobile technology can help. 

For more information about photo documentation uses in construction, visit the IN Construction Use Cases page.




Features of Automated Photo Documentation

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