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Top 4 Ways to Perfect Real Estate Photography

Posted by FotoIN on May 16, 2014

Being in a slower market, good photography can give real estate agents an edge. Redfin research shows this spring’s 6.3% overall increase in newly listed homes for sale, as the first year-over-year growth in last three years. This could get buyers excited again and boost sales, so sharpen up those photography skills.


 Real estate photos are a huge part of selling success because they are visual ambassadors to the buyers, persuading them to visit. At their best, photos can speed up the sales process and improve buyers satisfaction, as well as help tell your property’s story in a more effective way. 76 percent of participants viewed the property description based on the listing’s initial exterior photo in.

How to Compete with Real Estate Photography 
You want to avoid being avoided? A word of advice from a professional photographer can be motivational: “When prospects browse through home photos, it is very easy for them to all start looking the same. Anything you can do to make those photos stand out will be a great success! It's also important to understand that real estate photography is not about simply marketing properties, it's about marketing individuals, the agents selling the homes.”

With this in mind, use the following valuable real estate photography tips:

1. The FRONT EXTERIOR PHOTOS are the Most Important
Compared to the rest of a listing’s photos, the front exterior shot is the hook that motivates potential buyers – it needs to have the visual power to grab attention and entice them to look further at the listing. Studies show over 40 percent of all homebuyers don’t even look at the agent remarks when viewing the first page of a listing.

2. TIME of the Day Makes a Difference
For amazing exterior photos, snap some shots in the morning, or an hour before sunset. As professional architectural photographers advise, turn all the lights on in the house, and shoot the exterior at dusk. It will create a great welcoming effect.

3. Figure Out the KEY POINTS of a Home
Agents are well experienced and usually know what buyers get  excited about – it’s the rest of exterior photos. Think of a deck, a patio or a wonderful and spacious backyard. After those, move toward the interior gems - the kitchen, living room, master bedroom and bathroom.

4. Don’t Let PERSPECTIVE Be a Problem
This is about getting the photos aligned – verticals should always look vertical.The easiest way to do this is to line up the right and left sides of the photo in the view finder with a vertical in the view.

Now, one more piece of advice. It may seem an unlikely choice for real estate photos, but smartphone can be an incredible asset that saves time and delivers amazing results! Today’s smartphones include advanced cameras that capture professional quality images, especially for the web use. Explore mobile apps and consider using the ones that provide helpful and specific features, include sharing, and are used and vaildated by other real estate professionals.

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