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FotoIN Brings Zero Friction to Capturing Photos

The latest FotoIN update brings mobile photo documentation closer to Zero Friction user experience in the field. By adding multiple setting options users can now capture photos with one click and FotoIN will automatically embed key data in the photo (Project info, GPS coordinates, Address, Date, Time, Device, User info), give photo a name and automatically file it in the right location within the company's existing folder organization.

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Filing of Photos and Reports to Existing Digital Folders is ... Now Automated!


Organizing project files can be a formidable challenge for any company but it is more than necessary.

In any project, especially large ones that consist of capturing many photos and creating reports, it is essential to cope with the complexities of organizing files into specific folder structures. A primary goal for any business is to file relevant documents, information and photos in a structured way that will make data easy to retrieve as quickly as possible.

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FotoIN Finds Success In Streamlining Photo Documentation for Industries with Heavy Field Exposure

Market Need Spurs Company’s Recent Investment and Team Growth

ATLANTA (June 17, 2014) — The digital era has significantly improved efficiencies in multiple business practices for construction, real estate, insurance and other industries with heavy field exposure.

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