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FotoIN now fully integrated with all Microsoft storage options and with Microsoft Single Sign-On


With FotoIN's patented system, Microsoft users can now save 75 percent of time when documenting conditions on site with photos, videos and reports.

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How To Drastically Save Time & Simplify Work With Cloud Photo Archives

Effective filing boils down to this... Store the photos and documents in an online space – cloud storage.

It does all the hard work for you. Keeping files safe, organized and right at your finger tips anytime you need them!

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Take Photos, Make More Money!Go Mobile & Simplify Photo Capture


Smartphones and Tablets - the Easier and Faster Way to Inspect, Document and Report Photos from the Field.

Even in the digital age we live in today, much of field photo documentation, inspection and  reporting is still being done the OLD way, manually... mainly because of the lack of awareness about  new solutions created by the mobile revolution. 
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Stop Destroying Value with Manual Photo Archiving!

You can spend hours searching for photos or documents that you've filed away somewhere... it's just to easy to forget where you put them!

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