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How Photo Captions Influence Homebuyers

A photo is worth a thousand words (as they say), so why not make the best of of those thousand words?

When selling a home, many real estate listing services allow you to write captions beneath the photos. 

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Photo Annotations: Achieve Better Documentation and Save Time!

Numbers show that paper documentation leads to a lack in organization. It is reported that fifteen percent of all paper handled in businesses is lost and 30 percent of all employees' time is spent trying to find lost documents.

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Are Smartphone Cameras Good Enough For Real Estate Photography?

Mobile technology's two leading operating systems, Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS, hold 51.7% and 38.9% of US smartphone subscribers, as 2013 statistics show. 

Both deliver technology that keeps us connected in the field, but deliver specific features differently. Knowing the differences related to camera and apps that matter to real estate professionals can help you get a better perspective surrounding options for managing photo-related tasks.

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Find Out Why Photos Are Crucial To Your Business!

"If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself." -Henry Ford

Most successful businesses realize that the key to success is in cooperation and collaboration. That is especially true when trying to coordinate the field and the office and all the information they need, use and exchange.

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