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Superintendents - Save 30% of Time on Site Photos

There are many reasons why Superintendents hate doing site photo documentation. Any Superintendent, Foreman, Project Manager, knows that the building process itself is huge undertaking, even without any of the administrative tasks that have to be done on site.

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6 Benefits of Using Mobile Technology on Construction Sites in 2015

Construction professionals are facing difficult challenges to ensure that projects are completed within budget, on time, and with quality control and safety guaranteed.

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Importance of Photo Documentation for Construction Project Management

Studies throughout the years have shown that workers on a construction project are unproductive for 50 percent of their time on site, and almost half of it is lost on waiting. They also indicated that a third of workers unproductive time is a result from factors that are under management’s control.

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6 Benefits From Using Mobile Technology On The Construction Site

Quality management is a vital process for any construction project as it includes overall planning, coordination and controlling a project from start to finish. It's main challenge is to solve for “time,” “money” and “safety” challenges. It is the project manager’s responsibility to ensure that the project is completed within the budget, in the given time and with quality and safety guaranteed.

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