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New FotoIN Mobile App Release - Easier to get in, get started and move around in the app in the new year

Posted by FotoIN Marketing Team on December 22, 2017


We are very excited to announce the latest improvements to FotoIN mobile app geared to significantly improve how users get in the app, learn the key features and navigate through the app.

As of mid December, the latest versions of FotoIN Mobile are now available on Android and iOS devices with these new features and improvements:

  1. New login experience: Get ready for an updated look when logging into the mobile app! We’ve improved the process to help ensure a smoother transition when signing in or registering a new user.

  2. In-app onboarding for new users: After installing the app for the first time (or as a clean install), user will get a quick tutorial explaining key features. Tips will only show the first time you access each screen.

  3. Easier access to tags while snapping photos: Easily select tags to add to photos before snapping, by tapping on the new tag icon located on the right side of the camera screen.

  4. Upgraded main menu navigation and organization: For quicker access to your account information, connectors, other settings and help use the menu in the top left.

new mobile app features

“Feedback from our end users  is the driving force behind all of FotoIN’s new features and updates aiming to make it as easy as possible to complete the tasks with FotoIN. This release focused on improving setting up a new user and getting started, and making these experiences smoother and faster. Onboarding new users and continuous use of the app are once again easier than ever before.” - Danielle Barisic, CBO of FotoIN.

Download the latest FotoIN app from the Google Play Store and App Store.

Stay tuned for more updates to the mobile and web apps, as we continue to make FotoIN easier for teams to use to do their best work.


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